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A great PSone game which is still great to play today. Involves a special unit called the S.T.A.R.S. team being sent to the Racoon forests to investigate what happened to a Bravo team who were investigating a series of bizarre murders (done by zombies). They find a downed helicopter with all the equipment inside, but none of the members. When they search for clues, a certain individual named Joseph Frost finds A SEVERED HAND(!). He then gets chewed to bits by a pretty nasty dog. They then all run for a scary looking mansion (bad move) and hide inside it.

What follows is a 10 year old game (at time of print) still going pretty damn strong. Even though the notoriously bad dialogue is even worse today, and even though some of it isn't as scary, some parts are still very, very creepy. The music in the hall still sends shivers down my spine. And when you discover the first zombie? A classic sequence.

Graphically, Resident Evil is relatively still extremely good. Considerung this game is 10 YEARS OLD, it looks pretty fine.

If you do see an old copy of Resi going for cheap, do not hesitate to pick it up. It is a genuinely brilliant game. It may have lost a lot of the sparkle it had in 1996, it's still has the elements which made it so great in the first place. Even though this game has had several sequels, to my mind, the original PSone game is the best. The claustrophobic, trapped feel of the mansion hasn't really been done again in the whole seires since, as it moved on to bigger, more epic locations.

A great game.
'You go check for clues, Jill. I'll be here examining this (a pool of blood)'

'Barry, thank you for saving my life.'


Buy Resident Evil today. Now.
by Antony July 28, 2006

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An absolutely shit-scary game for the PS2 and Xbox (also known as Project Zero in Europe) which has two sequels and a cult following.

The original focuses around Miku, a college student who goes to a mansion to find her missing brother. What she discovers is that there are ghosts in the mansion, and the only thing which stands between her and them is Camera Obscura, a camera (no surprises there, then) which can seal ghosts in the photographs it takes.

The game itself is very, very atmospheric, and makes you jump endlessly. The story slowly unfolds through notes, diaries, newspaper clippings, etc. The history of the mansion holds a dark secret: Many secretive rituals took place there.

The game takes several influences from Asian horror films such as Ringu and Ju-On. You can't help but notice the similarties between some of these films and the game - creepy women in white kimonos with long hair, scenes to make you jump, but the game is all the better for it.

This game manages to stand out amoungst the other games in the genre by showing original combat and by being genuinely creepy. The main thing that may put players off is the unoriginal conrols and 'find a key, unlock the door, solve a puzzle' approach. But it is definitely a very scary game.

Apparently, there is also a film in the making. Unless it's directed by Uwe Boll, this could be extremely good.

Fatal Frame has a large amount of devout followers globally, who say that this is the best survival horror game of any kind.

Personally, I think this game is somewhat scarier than Resident Evil and Silent Hill put together, but maybe not as entertaining as the other main games of the genre. But that's just my personal opinion, and I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with me.

But if you do want a game that will actually SCARE you, then try and find this or one of the sequels.
Fatal Frame: A genuinely scary Japanese horror game.
by Antony August 20, 2006

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Childish; suited for children, trivial
I'm oft described as being puerile due to my constant references to "teabaging"
by Antony December 17, 2003

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Which is what I have done just now. I feel a bit more human.
Person 1: On Urban Dictionary, I put a ploppymoppy definition in.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: I hope I'll be the next Numa Numa, Leeroy Jenkins or Stolen Sidekick guy.

Person 2: So basically you are randomly making up a word in hope of finding some sort of never to be found fame?

Person 1: Yeah.

Person 2: You know that'll probably never get past the editors, dude.

Person 1: I know, I know.

*looks up at the sky and sheds a tear*
by Antony August 10, 2006

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Much like the traditional act of a man giving a woman a faceful of cum, but characterised by a vigorous display of effort and release. In doing so, the man has an expression and makes a sound much like Jean Claude Van Damme in those slow motion close ups of his face when he performs his big finale kick on the 'bad guy'.

Especially appropriate when copulating with a lady of loose morals and an a voracious appetite for all manner of sexual endeavour (AKA "a good girl").
Look at the arse on that one over there... I'd love to give her a Van Damme Facial.

by Antony December 20, 2003

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A Grand Theft Auto style game set in London with lots of cockney rhyming slang and swaring.
I went out and bought a copy of The Getaway immediately.
by Antony May 28, 2004

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The slow motion effect used in many movies and videogames, such as The Matrix and Max Payne. Originally used in hit sci fi film The Matrix, it is now used often in many places such as PC game Max Payne, Mission: Impossible 2 and on many TV shows.
Neo dived back and avoided the bullets using Bullet Time.
by Antony May 28, 2004

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