166 definition by anthony

The first victim to read your just written story.
Tim made me be his story virgin before he would read his story to the class.
by Anthony November 03, 2004

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owner of the black falken, hottest north island member
binga is hot
by Anthony April 07, 2004

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acronym for "Pussy Over Everythang"
"When it comes to these hoes, P.O.E. nigga"
by Anthony March 14, 2005

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A extremly talented sniper, with a 10x scope, that owns the shit outa budweiser from the rear, and he is dead sexy
502|E|10xSniper owns you!
by anthony December 19, 2004

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to take a seat near the person saying
dude bust a shmoo
by anthony March 10, 2004

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to shoot somebody
Stalkin gat fools walkin jack moves ready to pap you if we have to daily.
by Anthony January 13, 2004

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Someone who is corny!
"Look at that duck over there"
by Anthony January 19, 2004

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