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A upscale neighborhood in Philadelphia. Really an extention of the Main Line, but everyone there thinks they are better, because unlike the Main Line, Chestnut Hill has a large liberal population. It is an area filled with money, but subtly. There are a lot of hidden, huge, well manicured homes. All the kids go to CHA, Springside, Germantown Friends School and a few other well know private school in the area. Look out for the police who are constantly trying to break up parties with out doing anything to the kids and their fancy cars. Preppy is in style. If you have a car and are a teenager, the Wawa parkinglot is the place to be seen pre party on friday and saturday night, especially since the main road, Germantown Ave. is dead by 10.
person: oh you're from Philadelphia?
chestnut hill person: sort of, if you call Chestnut Hill the city.
by anonymous March 07, 2005
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Often related to Evil or Cruel when the religion isn't actually known or understood. It's not full of goat raping, animal killing, kiddy fiddling/killing or any sort of murdering unless an ADULT person actually deserves it.
This is because an adult person knows right from wrong, they know exactly what they are doing... If a person punches you, don't love thy enemy... Kick his fucking ass!!!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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Shoe Made By Clarks. Very Unique Shoe. A Hip Hop Style.
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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when someone does something crazy or psychotic
That kid just went baily on your ass.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
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A great little movie and a quality ben & jerry ice cream flavor
Yeah, one more thing. Remember that stuff? We used to eat a whole lot of it back in the day? What was it... oh yeah, pussy.
by Anonymous September 12, 2003
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1:37 military time. The elite minute
Holy shit its 1:37 , time to be 13377&!&!&&!&!!!!
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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a beautiful girl
"wow she is a sukanya"
by Anonymous July 22, 2003
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