8 definitions by anony mouse

a word used as a substitute for thanks and cheers....
chanks for letting me stay at yours last nite
by anony mouse August 5, 2004
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something you say when you are in a state of stoned ness and cant say 'spliff'

or a spliff that has been rolled rong and falls apart
yu muffhed yu just made a sploff!!
by anony mouse July 10, 2004
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someone who really gets on your nerves but thinks your their best friend andwont go away
hide!that toilet head is over there'!
or..im goin to go and sit with toilet head hel buy me a pint then ill phuq off
by anony mouse July 4, 2004
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a girl who has the power to turn a straight lass bisexual..cos she has the x factor that she cant resist
the girl i did it with last week was an x factory
by anony mouse August 5, 2004
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a guy who knows how to touch women and whos hands dont tire easily
'im such a guitarist, she was writhing under my fingers for hours'
by anony mouse July 4, 2004
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Freaky-ass numbers station recording. It starts out with some beeps then freaky music starts to play then a little girl's voice says numbers in German... over and over and over again.
I couldn't sleep for two nights after listening to that stupid thing!
by anony mouse October 30, 2004
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an expression of surprise or shock, or a reaction to misfortune
'when i saw that she was in here i nearly dropped me arse!!!'

'id better go see him he'll drop his arse if i dont'
by anony mouse July 4, 2004
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