An artificial term developed by a bored and frustrated Purdue Student. Commonly used to describe your feelings toward anything in life. Sex, homework, exams, relationships, job placement, etc
Tyler: Hey Greg, what's the horniness level?

Greg: Ehhhhh we're treading water at 3/10 this Math 16010 test killed my will to live.

Tyler: Damn man, sorry to hear that
by KG from 3 November 12, 2018
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A measurement of how horny a pedophile is.

Alt Definition: The Level of Horny an individual is Horny.
Exemple Def-A: This one dude on Chris Hanson's to catch and predator Horny Level was over 9000!!!!.

Example Def-B: Ken Spazianis Horny Level was so high that he picked up some random chick and fell in love instantly while smoking a menthol cig.
by the_man_inside_a_tube February 8, 2010
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