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In the popular subreddit of r/ich_iel, the phrase Hurensohn is widely used in Memes concerning German culture. It is mostly used in this sentence: " Sprichst du Deutsch, du Hurensohn?!"
Dude 1: *unintelligible German or anything that doesn't make sense*
Dude 2: "Sprichst du Deutsch, du Hurensohn!"
by alienozi October 06, 2019

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555 Timer is an integrated circuit (chip) which is broadly used in electronics. Its use cases range from Square wave generation to some sort of analog to digital conversion. It can be found at electronics since several decades ago.

Pronounced as Five-Five-Five Timer.
555 Timer can do what an electronics nerd wants to do, Square, Sine, Triangle, you name it.
by alienozi February 26, 2018

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