13 definition by alejandro

a specific event in which a person "pulls something out of his ass"-unbelievable
"That half-court shot was such a tree, that guy is treeing so badly"
by alejandro September 13, 2003

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shwacked (v): the act of getting drunk
(n): alchohol
(adj): being really drunk
(v): I got hella shwacked last nite.
(n): I got some shwack in the back of the car.
(adj): Sean was so shwacked last nite.
by alejandro December 05, 2004

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Pendehomie refers to "pendejo" in spanish meaning in english stupid or dumb
Hey ese Ill sell you un dulce for $2.00. No, way homes Im not un Pendehomie.
by Alejandro March 04, 2005

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What Alex missed for being a fucking boludo..
Alex was gonna FAMAP this saturday, but instead will stay home watching Van Dammes movies...
by Alejandro October 06, 2004

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In most part of Texas chinga tu madre means "fuckyou"
I dont like you bitch. Well then chinga tu madre I don't like you either puta.
by Alejandro March 04, 2005

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