46 definitions by albert

A nonsensical phrase used in 1990's hip-hop culture.
That's right, boyeeeeee, word to your mother!
by Albert February 15, 2004
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Coon Killer
Robert ia a damn good ck
by albert September 02, 2003
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Somebody that has an addiction to alcolohic beverages
"err u r an elke-holic!"
by albert October 18, 2003
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Drive a nice luxorious sedan.
I got a 2000 Honda Accord V-tech, and smoked a camaro,then he said that his anti-slippery system is not to good, what kind of pussy statement is that.
Your shit sucks, buy a bimmer or a benzo then you could proof your a man! Shit.
by Albert December 11, 2003
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