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The cleveland steamer is far more specific than the listings I have seen here. A sexual act by nature (fetish) the cleveland steamer is when one person craps on another person's chest and (very important) then sits down and rocks back and forth like a steam roller.
Billy had just gotten out of the shower, so me and John gave min a cleveland steamer.
by October 6, 2004
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Simply, performing cunnilingus on a female with a yeast infection.
Joan had some itching in her underpants due to her yeast infection, but Carl gave her the Pillsbury Dough Boy anyway.
by October 6, 2004
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After a prolonged bout of anal sex, the giving party turns the recieving party around and proceeds to thwack them on the forehead with their penis/dildo leaving a brown mushroom in its stead. Also known as the brown mushroom to go, because one does not want to stick around after giving a brown mushroom.
notes: brown mushroom is only theoretical, poo does not actually stick to the penis in quantities that would make this act possible.
Johnny gave Jenny a brown go.
by October 6, 2004
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1. the male head servant in a large or important household, with responsibilities that include overseeing the other staff, taking care of the wine and silverware, and sometimes receiving guests in secrecy or in a surreptitious way, often through the rear entrance of the houshold.

2. Homosexual. (slang)(often considered offensive)

see ass pirate
Little did they know that Oliver was a backdoor butler.
by October 6, 2004
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A devious sexual act whereby the male pokes a small hole in the tip of the condom before intercourse.
note: This is refrence to the siege of Troy whereby soldiers (semen) snuck into the city disguised as a gracious gift of sorts.
Betty is pregnant, that is because that bastard Jim gave her the old trojan horse.
by October 6, 2004
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