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The act of procuring the rights of playing the game in question, once the current party has departed. Most often used in arcades. Can be accompanied (or atleast used too) by placing your quarter next to the coin slot.
"Sweet, it's a Ms.Pac-Man machine"
"Hey, I got nexts"
by acid February 12, 2004

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fjeer him he r ejeet. when u mess with the bull u get a tragidy
when u screw with the bull u get a tragidy
by acid April 29, 2003

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The place where all the teenagers hang out every Friday & Saturday night. What does this mean? That everyone in the pittston area is a huge fucking loser.
Kid: "Yo it's Friday night, what do you guys wanna do?"
Kids: "Let's spend our Friday night at Wendy's! We have no life!"
by Acid January 22, 2005

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Sarcastic fun...
by Acid May 28, 2003

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a vagina that has been corrupted a penis that belongs to Jenninz
Blaze has a lyte vagina
by acid August 15, 2003

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The coolest Return to Castle Wolfenstein clan to ever exist. If you don't like us, you can suck our big black fuzzy balls.
zOmg!1 I was t3h p00n'd by Eclipse and Acid!!11one!
by Acid February 19, 2005

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To lick, suck a mans penis. Usually done by swirling the tongue around the penis while sucking at the same. This causes a sensation of pleasure to the reciver making them ejaculate.
David was out of condoms, so Sarah gave him a Blow Job instead.
by Acid March 12, 2005

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