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When you are no longer in the dark about the things happening around you. Being well informed
Lina: I love BeyoncΓ©
Betty: yo she's in the illuminati.
Lina: oh really?? You're woke af
by Gen gen June 03, 2016
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Knowing everything is an illusion of the mind. Mainly the more extreme version of "Woke" encapsulating higher dimensional and abstract thought. One achieves this "Woke af" philosophy after ingesting a very high dosage of DMT, Mushrooms, or any other hallucinogenic substance.
Sam: Have you seen the recent interviews of Jim Carrey, he's out of his f***ing mind!

Josh: Na, Jim Carrey is Woke af!
by LifeIsAnIllusion September 27, 2017
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Pronunciation: Woh Β· Kuh Β· Ee Β· Ahf

Definition: The state of being Woke Af

by TheRWExpress August 18, 2016
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