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A series of skateboarding video games published by Activision and developed by Neversoft from 1999-2007, with Robomodo developing 4 games from 2009 to 2015. The games developed by Neversoft, especially those from the 5th and 6th generation, are often looked upon fondly by gamers and are regarded as some of the greatest video games of all time, due to their easy-to-learn controls, addictive gameplay, legendary soundtracks, and in later games, captivating storylines. Robomodo took over the series in 2009 when Activision put Neversoft on Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, and the final 4 games aren't remembered as fondly. Ride and Shred were notoriously bad due to their ridiculously high launch prices, unresponsive motion controls, and bland maps. In 2012 and 2015, Robomodo tried going back to the series' roots, with the classic gameplay and control scheme of the original games. Pro Skater HD received mixed reviews due to its limited map selection and wonky physics engine, but it was nowhere near as bad as Pro Skater 5, which released in 2015. THPS5 was panned for containing plenty of glitches, constant crashing, bland maps, terrible physics, clunky mechanics, a limited Create-a-Skater mode, and having to download a massive day one patch that still didn't resolve any of the game's issues. It was later revealed that the game was rushed due to Activision's contract with Tony Hawk coming to an end in 2015, and the contract was never extended.
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is one of the greatest video game franchises of all time. While its lows were very low indeed, the best games in the series gained massive critical acclaim and are still considered among the most successful products of the video game industry.
by abagar2000 November 24, 2018
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The complete opposite of Disney Channel. There are only 3 sitcoms airing on the channel as of now, and they're mostly not bad. The rest of the network is a cartoon geek's paradise. Star Wars Rebels, Gravity Falls, Phineas & Ferb, Milo Murphy's Law, Wander Over Yonder, STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL, an entire block of Marvel cartoons, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's even a gaming block during late night hours called D|XP. Plus, a reboot of Ducktales came out recently, and it is AMAZING. Sure, Toon Disney is gone, but Disney XD is such a good network, some could even argue that it's better.
Disney XD is, lowkey, the best kids network on the planet right now.
by abagar2000 October 14, 2017
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These other definitions have nothing to do with what SSX actually means, so I'm just gonna play it straight: SSX is a series of snowboarding games developed by EA (Electronic Arts) Games, and is considered one of the greatest sports game franchises of all time. There. Was that the definition you were looking for?
Person 1: I'm gonna be playing SSX, wanna join in?
Person 2: Fuck yeah, man! That shit is dope!
by abagar2000 April 28, 2018
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a shorter, memetic nickname for the character Futaba Sakura from the JRPG game Persona 5
Why do we have hands? There are many reasons:
- pat the Futab
- hold the Futab
- cherish the Futab
- forfeit all mortal possessions to the Futab
by abagar2000 December 14, 2021
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The best fighting game series of all time. Originally titled SmackDown!, the SmackDown vs Raw series (or SvR) was an annual series of fighting games developed by Yuke's, a game developer from Japan, and published by THQ. As the title suggests, SvR allows players to compete as Superstars from the two primary brands of WWE, which are Raw and SmackDown. The games originally focused on an arcade style of gameplay, but the series got more realistic and complicated as it progressed. Today, it is known as WWE 2K, and it is published by 2K Games. Yuke's still develops the games, but now they get additional help from Visual Concepts, developers of the NBA and NHL 2K series.
SmackDown vs Raw 2007 is the best WWE game of all time.
by abagar2000 September 11, 2018
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