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What a cat does when it tries to purr and it burps
That cat burred asjmg 2iehrg qwlaejkgv reiuhg tvqhvjnmdvjchqa vgj
by a person September 14, 2004
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butting in business that doesn't involve u
And my mom was like all up in my shit last night on why i got home so late
by a person December 13, 2003
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4 Sexy gurls..who luv 2 hav fun..and play with guys minds..known as diane areti danica and amy(although she is hardly ever with them,but is still kool)..there in grade nine at satec.. and no how 2 hav fun..if you give them the change...none as bitches..but rele arent
did you see the 4sum walk by...damn there hot
by a person November 02, 2004
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A baby who hasn't got a full vocabulary
That poor bab, he can't speak proper
by a person September 14, 2004
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best band tht eva fukin existed

if u do not like thm u dnt deserve t live
hes a wolf screamin lonley in th nite hes a blood stain on th staaage
by a person January 01, 2004
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A jerk man with stretigically placed hair.

One who trys too hard to be cool or fit in.
Oh man did you see Kallao, his hair was so stretigically placed. By the age of 30 his hair shall be lost due to exessive amounts of hair gel.
by a person March 11, 2005
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a word deloped by josh g.

this word is said to mean a mixture of gnarly and hardcore
the cab 9 to lipslide what gnarcore.
by a person December 14, 2004
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