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A temporary state of mind one might enter when dealing with big dick energy, or an African woman who was raised on big dick energy. Used as a pejorative by virtue signalers who want to undermine your confidence, sometimes deservedly, sometimes in a ploy to deprive you of your property by evil means.
Person 1; sheeeit where da white women at
Person 2; God you're annoying
Person 1; das racist
Person 3; omg how dare you be racist! You make everyone feel dirty when you tap into that hate!
Person 4; hey I'll buy you a beer if you lose weight and be more straight lol
by Zergberger July 13, 2022
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A term created by peoples who want something but don't want or are too focused on other matters to do what is required to understand that God created different peoples with different tastes and that the pleasures of the mind can be sublime. This writer admits that one addiction to mpleasures is perhaps foolhardy because the stomach and the mind require different material to satisfy, and that the Spirit lies somewhere betwixt these contending realities.
Geek rich? Bruh do you even think, feel, and do spiritual jumping jacks between cases of bottled water?
by Zergberger April 21, 2022
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A used car lot that sells busted ass vehicles, or the section of an automobile dealer lot where the used vehicles for sale are displayed
That dude who asked if my jalopy was for sale probably works for the douchebag who owns the lemon lot
by Zergberger July 13, 2022
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The study of the reasons an information gatherer asks "why?" To get to the meat of the focus for this school of psychology, the potatoes consist of leaving your house and power walking to the heliport to be told you're too silly to be a skydiving instructor, then deciding to walk back home after your wheels get stolen by mob privates who work for friends of someone who knows a guy who owns the local lemon lot. On the trip, you walk past the liquor store, news stand, hospital, the delapidated insane asylum that got closed when Ronald Reagan was President, country club, Go-Kart Factory, and into a hardware store where you can purchase a shovel and an energy drink. On the return trip you decide to go the long way home so you can stop and "smell the roses" because it's finally nice weather after a three decade tornado warning siren. After an hour of walking, a guy who really wants to impress that one woman he met at work will pull over in his vehicle and call you a traitor because he liked the musical ambience of the siren then give you the finger and peel away. If you're blessed, you remembered to wear clean underwear and you'll find someone who will borrow your shovel and forget to return it until three decades later.
That school of psychology was founded by one lucky, strange bastard. He called it whyience after deciding to found a school he called Mumology, which is both the study of archaeology and the study of how to shut the fuck up whenever he felt the urge to brag about how clever he is.
by Zergberger April 22, 2022
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