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When you are given a wedgie but once given it you are lifted of the ground and the elastic in the wasitband is used to hang you up on a coat peg or doorknob or the likes.
i got a hanging wedgie in the lockerrooms
by Zelda March 27, 2005

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Like a vedgie only once the girl has her thong in a vedgie the elastic is used to lift her off the groun and hang her up on a coatpeg or doorknob or the likes.
my boyfriend hung me in a hanging vedgie to teach me a lesson and god did it hurt i was there for three hours before my thong broke

the above actually happened
by Zelda March 27, 2005

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An wedgie given to a girl only instead of getting the back of the thong yanked up she gets the front.
I just know i am gonna get a good vedgie from my boyfriend tonight

after which i am put in a painful hanging vedgie
by Zelda March 27, 2005

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A phrase of monumentous proportions created through exclamation mark mayhem which may be used in a number of grammatical constructions.

(ex 1) It must be featured at the end of a sentence, usually following at least one exclamation mark, or replacing such markings entirely.

(ex 2) It may stand alone as a beginning and end of sentence (or phrase) in and of itself, however the grammatical stipulation is that it must be utterly spontaneous barring that it is a response in a conversation. For example, in such a situation as the middle of class.

It is most commonly found in light-hearted conversations, but may be used during a serious discussion (creators will not be held responsible for adverse results of such useofnero).

It is pronounced quickly, as an attachment to the previous word if such exists.
(ex 1)
Brother: We're celebrating having a cake..
Sister: .....by having a cake
.....can't....get the cake open!!! ;_;

(ex 2)

You should've told the telemarketer, "No thanks, we're not interestedofnero, bye!"
by Zelda December 03, 2004

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The backside

a stupid person
(_!_) = Normal Ass
(__!__) = Big Ass
(!) = Tight Ass
(_?_) = Dumb Ass
(_E=MC2_) = Smart Ass
(_$_) = Rich Ass
(_x_) = Kiss My Ass
(_X_) = Get Off My Ass

I know someone else already posted these but they r cool
by Zelda March 27, 2005

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Getting your thong yanked from the back
god that wedge hurt not as bad as an ass stinging hanging wedgie though
by Zelda March 27, 2005

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