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A phrase of monumentous proportions created through exclamation mark mayhem which may be used in a number of grammatical constructions.

(ex 1) It must be featured at the end of a sentence, usually following at least one exclamation mark, or replacing such markings entirely.

(ex 2) It may stand alone as a beginning and end of sentence (or phrase) in and of itself, however the grammatical stipulation is that it must be utterly spontaneous barring that it is a response in a conversation. For example, in such a situation as the middle of class.

It is most commonly found in light-hearted conversations, but may be used during a serious discussion (creators will not be held responsible for adverse results of such useofnero).

It is pronounced quickly, as an attachment to the previous word if such exists.
(ex 1)
Brother: We're celebrating having a cake..
Sister: having a cake
.....can't....get the cake open!!! ;_;

(ex 2)

You should've told the telemarketer, "No thanks, we're not interestedofnero, bye!"
by Zelda December 03, 2004
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