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Getting a reach around while having your salad tossed.
She started out tossing my salad, but she totally gave me cucumber salad!
by ZeeLeader July 21, 2011

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Any food/drink, preferably yogurt, that has been tainted by semen from the person not eating/drinking the substance.
When he went to the kitchen, I asked Jeremy to grab me a beer but I think he may have turned it into an Albuquerque yogurt when I wasn't looking because it tasted the way Ben's breath smells.
by ZeeLeader October 07, 2011

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To shake hands like a douchebag. A ridiculous handshake. When a douchebag starts off to shake your hand with his elbow far up and out.
Have you seen the way Corey from Pawn Stars shakes hands? That's a total douche shake.
by ZeeLeader July 10, 2012

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The painful buffeting sound made when driving with one of the rear windows partially down.
Paige! Roll the window up I'm getting horrible Window Zaxxon up here.
by ZeeLeader July 17, 2012

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