4 definitions by Yum


1. An affirmative reply to.
2. An exlamation of ultimate superiority.
3. A greeting.
1. JEA!! I gotta cop me sum tims, ya na'm sayin'?
2. Yo mama's my bizatch, JEA~!
3. Jea, you lookin' mighty good mamacita.
by Yum November 29, 2003
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a very cute person who is sometimes being mean. a nickname for garrett.
i've never met a garbear like u.
by Yum February 22, 2005
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A very large teacher. A person who eats too much and is afraid of germs.
OH NO!!! Yum yum eat em up IS ABOUT TO EAT US!!!!!!
by Yum April 13, 2004
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