a very cute person who is sometimes being mean. a nickname for garrett.
i've never met a garbear like u.
by yum February 22, 2005
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a boy who thinks he is good at everything, and believes he will someday play for the ohio state buckeyes football team. He also has a very hairy rearend, and is a part of the peeb task force
garbear is so ignorant, he thinks he can beat anyone in fifa.
by Rob Mueller November 15, 2006
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A guy named Gary who is a better version of a Care Bear.
"You were up late!" "Yeah, I was talking to Garbear."
by Prettyprincessginger January 8, 2022
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Nickname for a hot girl who watches ice hockey and is generally awesome - especially when she is judgy
Look at this garbear hogging all the bread sticks.
by mcgarnicle July 15, 2011
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