4 definitions by Yoyoma

Dragon represents fortune, authority, growth, luck and development.
You gots sum dragon energy in this room...
by Yoyoma April 28, 2018
1. A thought or expression used when you have an expectation that is crushed beyond misery.
2. Extreme disappointment.
3. Complete shock or surprise.

Related to strongbag/strong bad.
Guy spots really hot girl and decided to go for it. On his way he imagines how the score would be and thinks he has it locked in.

Guy: Hey good looking.
Girl: Get away, pig.
Guy to himself: --Right in the Face!--
by Yoyoma February 23, 2004
big hunk of crap that is on the sidewalk
by Yoyoma March 23, 2005
Also know as the great troll, the YoYoMa wanders the World Wide Web, preying on innocent forum users. He’s recognizable by his morbid sense of humour, his colourful underwear as well as his wide knowledge of the useless and forgotten.
The Great YoYoMa was last seen posting on various financial and aviation related forums.
by Yoyoma May 5, 2005