44 definition by Your name

synonomous with butthead but nicer.. sounding anyway.... tailored for smaller ears.
In earshot of a toddler??? yell SMUTTHEAD!! in traffic instead. mix well with evil looks that do not draw attention to you.
by your name July 26, 2003

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Any dercoative object that cannot be explained at any given moment/a temporary substatute.
check out those cool dadeets!
by Your name May 22, 2004

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When you are pooping and a turd comes out sideways. Physically impossible.
My ass hurts cuz i just layed a Spinal Tap Poopy
by Your Name March 17, 2004

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this is when people say things but they go off on a tengent and did you see that thing on the news tonight gee the president is stpid and i can't believe there's yet another reality show and the weather's pretty nice this morning what's with all the stupid entried in the dictionary just look at the for goodness sake now that's stupid isn't it just make a dictionary dammit i don't want all these stupid entries like that one for going off topic now what's one stupid thing
Ah who cares
by Your name August 18, 2003

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a person that made dave chappelle famous
show me your titties im rick james bitch
by YOUR NAME August 30, 2004

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originated with adam and eve fucked with some snakes. a lot of people fucking simultanuously
"Rob gibson, you gonna go to that orgie tonight with Paul and Mandy and Chelsea and Kari and Tammy and Carly and Susie?"
"fuck yes girls, girls only like guys with good skills...bow hunting skills, numb chuck skills, computer hacking skills...and good orgie skills"
by your name March 28, 2005

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involving pre fucking a melon
pre fucks melons
by Your Name June 29, 2003

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