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A person (either gender fits, actually...) who talks to multiple people, at the same time. This can get very annoying, as this person is usually cybering with other people, and then ignoring their true friends who then decide that they've had enough of waiting twenty minutes for a reply of "yeah" or "ok" or "yep" or "lol".
me: hey
AIM slut: hey
me: how are you?
(5 minutes pass)
AIM slut: ok
me: cool. did you see (insert movie here) I thought it was pretty cool, but (insert actor here) was just retarded in it. bad acting and everything. What'd you think?
AIM slut: lol yeah.
^ that is an AIM slut.

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In the California, San Francisco, and San Jose Bay Area, this was a great alternative rock radio station. It always played music. No talk; just music, and the DJ's were amazing.
Now, however, it is gone, and has since been replaced by "la romantica," a Spanish station featuring romantic songs in Spanish.
It's such a shame that great stations such as channel 104.9 are being replaced with radio stations that few can really understand (and those who can will usually be seen listening to something else)

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Fractal Art is digital art made with fractal software, such as Apophysis, or Tierazon. The programs plot the fractal on a graph, and then colors in parts of it that you tell it to. This is why fractal rt is digital art.
Some people (idiots) decide right off the bat that fractal art isn't art, even though it, as well as other art, has the ability to effect people's emotions, and it takes a creative mind to make it look good. It's art whether you like it or not. (Besides, if a man pooping in a can and selling it on eBay is art, why not this?)
Fractal art is very trippy looking. It is thought that only hippies love it, and while this may be true for the majority, there are plenty of people who aren't on drugs who also love to look at fractal art.
Find a tutorial on google and start making your own fractal art. :)

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The only internet company that tries to convince it's users that going faster is "dangerous"
I "go fast" and I've never gottan a virus. Suck on that, AOL.

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A fun game made by Nintendo. Originally created in Japan, the game was the inspiration for the TV show (or anime) not the other way around. The game came first. At the beginning there were 151 pokemon, but Nintendo got greedy, and instead of letting the games die gracefully, they had to keep it going. The result is now over 380 Pokemon that (al after 250, anyway) look like circles and blobs with arms and legs. The television show has not fared as well either. The once exciting plot is now stale, dry, and boring. Oh well. Guess its just another thing that jumped the shark.

Also, teh games are just remakes of the original plot of red and blue...does nobody agree with me here???
I havent watched an episode of Pokemon since I was about 11 years old. I tuned in for the first time in years, and was surprised at how much the show had turned to crap.

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I live in California. I don't surf, I hate rap music, I went to LA once, and it sucked, Hollywood is overrated, the weather is NOT perfect, I only went to the beach once in my life and I hated it, YES, the governor sucks, no, not all the people are "hot" (thats total bullshit. People always say the people are ALL hot whenever they write a definition about their state.), the schools were good until Arnold(governor) went and took all the money; there are hicks here, there are PLENTY of stupid people, but an equal amount of intelligent people as well, I have lived here all my life, and have only felt two earthquakes, and California isn't going to sink into the ocean anytime soon. However, if you look past all this, California really isn't all that bad of a place to live. It just takes the most shit from other states.
Just a state with lots of people and a dumb governor.

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BYOB changes with age. As a child it simply stands for bring your own bed, used mainly during a sleepover to say, "bring a sleepingbag" as you get older, it means bring your own beer,as beer will not be served.
Johnny(age 5) BYOB, friends, it'll be a great sleepover!

Johnny(age 15) its a party, BYOB...

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