6 definitions by You Know It

A gay looking homely man...who is very anal about his job...actually loves his wife...and enjoys the company of young muscular men...and has no GAME on a BBALL court...nor can he throw a football...and he has a huge ZIT on his nose...
Yo' look at that red nosed reindeer, no thats just Pashka Blatt...
by You Know It April 1, 2005
One baddass mofo...also see pimp
Yo look at that guy with all those ladies, man he reminds me of ShinnDawg...
by You Know It December 9, 2004
Chewing tobacco. Copenhagen, Grizzly, skoal, redman.
chaw for the jaw. gotta have a lipper in.
by You Know It July 11, 2004
Word used to describe one's eyes. Likely in reference to guys whose names are spelt wrong. Highest of compliment to someone whom you don't particularly respect.
Marty Reasoner's eyes are dreamy, but in no way are they dreamy like Mat Brechtel.
by You Know It October 30, 2003
1. Private school sluts
2. Only place where girls in pearls drive big ass SUVs with Coolio blaring
3. Crabs.
4. Ravens.
5. We know the Orioles suck
6. Flipflops all year round
7. Trust fund boys run around with 40s in paper bags to look homeless
8. The girls smoke more pot and snort more coke than the boys do
9. We are better than you and thats the end of it.
You can never try to fit into Baltimore County
by You Know It March 25, 2005
sweet pimp ass movie about skateboarding...biggest movie pimp ever "Sweet Lou"...sweet lou rules!!!
Yo dude did you catch THE GRIND last night?...man Sweet Lou is fucking awesome!!!...

Sweet Lou: hey wanna make out??
Girl: Sure!!!
by You Know It January 1, 2005