9 definitions by Yoshimitsu

An abberivated name for Ninety-Nine-Nights a game for the Xbox360
by Yoshimitsu August 30, 2006
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A person whi sucks the juice out of a fanny!
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that was lovely. I must be a fudi chuse?
by Yoshimitsu September 22, 2003
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used to call someone an idiot and make your self seem smarter by using a slightly spanish word
Idiosa! you dont put the cheese on the top shelf
by Yoshimitsu August 30, 2006
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An expression of suprise or mild annoyance also used in an attempt to scare unintelligent and intelligent people, either by shoutng very loudly or pointing out the lack of a `U` after the `Q`
by Yoshimitsu August 30, 2006
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A young lad who often, without warning shoves a fingure straight up his ass.
Fuck me ... you're a puntha aint cha!
by Yoshimitsu September 19, 2003
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An expression of annoyance first used by Yoshimitsu in 2003 whilst being shot at by tanks whilts in a Banshee. Used in places where swearing is generally frowned on.
Oh Bumholian! those tanks are going to slaughter me.
by Yoshimitsu January 27, 2006
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The expression one uses when one sees an attractive member of the the opposite sex.
-"Check that bird out who just gone into Mickeys!"
by Yoshimitsu September 29, 2003
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