A dance move involving engaging the arms in a flapping motion and bobbing the neck in a birdlike fashion.
Have you ever heard a song come on that made you just want to BIRD OUT?
by Neilette April 11, 2011
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Birding out is another slang term for nodding out(on opiates for example) common mostly in southern VA.
This term came about from watching a bird one day while nodding out.
Man after 2 opanas and a couple xanaxs I was birding out.
by Tom Jekins February 25, 2010
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Bird Out (v.)-Bird Out means to make a lady or a girl pregnant,to be pregnant.
Bird Out (n.)-A pregnant girl.
yo homie,I'm gon' tel u somethin that,I fucked a girl 2 months before and now she's bird out
by Ra Skull April 28, 2011
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To let the birds out on someone is an action which signifies that what the person has just done or said was a huge wreck. It is done by crossing your arms and linking your hands at the thumbs, flapping the remaining fingers like a birds wings. The action is to be accompanied by the sound: "hmmmmmm", as well as erratic flapping and head-bobbing to your desire.

Letting The Birds Out can also be conducted in a partnership, or a large group, all simultaneously letting the birds out on one persons morale.
"Isaak that was a shit joke, i'm gonna let the birds out"

Isaak: "(insert lame joke)
Dave & Rusty: "hmmmm hmmmm" (Letting The Birds Out)
by dave_lfc July 24, 2006
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you tell this to the fiance / girlfriend of a tatted up little lunatic that rides around smoking black and milds with his shirt off.
toughguy :

girl... i'lll never hurt you like that... that's that nigga that ride around with his shirt off huh... yeah... the birds are out
by the boy milly mills July 12, 2010
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The act of holding a fart through a date which leads to a climatic event that feels similar to that of blowing a small bird out your ass at high pressure
(conversation between friends after leaving their dates)
example 1:

friend 1: "Dude!, whats that smell?"
friend 2: "I just blew out a bird man! I was holding it all through the movie."

Example 2:

"Don't sit next to Christina, I think she has been blowing out birds."
by the happy dater January 11, 2012
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A state of mind: not acting right, acting strangely, thinking in an odd way
Synonyms: wack, acting like a crack head
"Shes birding out fr rn"
"Dude i'm birding out ngl"
by Lilygoose October 1, 2021
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