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Ohio is halved much like in respect to New Jersey (Northeast Ohio is like North Jersey and the rest like the more country like South)

Perkins and diners are where we go at about 12-2 AM and are commonly found. Most of the businesses are run by the mafia who are more like local celebrities and everybody knows "somebody". AND YES MOTHERFUCKER WE SAY POP. NE OH is full of places that are fuckin hardcore Youngstown aka Yompton aka THE murder captial, Cleveland (St.Clair), Akron, and Warren. The majority of people here are of Italian or Eastern European ancestry.

Also yes we are home to some of the most disappointing teams in sports (except the Buckeyes which we all love- you are not from Ohio if you don't like them).
Interesting fact: Northeastern sports fans are divided in many aspects( in baseball some like the Yankees and football some like the Steelers)
Most well known for: Lebron James, sweet house parties, and Ohio State Highway Patrol (Statees, sometimes called nazis by locals)
Person from southern Ohio: Yer frem Ohia? (southern Ohio/ West Virginian accent)

Me: I grew up in Youngstown in Northeast Ohio.

Person from southern Ohio: oh... (steps back, doesnt make eye contact)
by YoAndro August 11, 2007

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reference to State Highway Patrol police... most notoriously the infamous Ohio State Higway patrol

also called nazis by many because of their uptight anal like appearance and demeanor (shaved head, nazi-like uniform, the way they talk, etc..)
true story-

Mike: Oh shit man a statee!
Me: SHIT! (throws vodka bottle under seat)
by yoandro August 14, 2007

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a category of people in relation to having no identifiable heritage or culture.

The origin of Smith people are unknown (hence their generic last names and heritage). They are found in large numbers throughout the southern US but most especially the state of Texas.

often confused with redneck (an uneducated form of a smith)

With a last name like Johnson he is definetly a Smith.
by yoandro August 14, 2007

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group of radical/genocidal serbians that were responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia and terrorising many of their fellow Yugoslav "neighbors." If it was not for them Yugoslavia would still be a country.
Slobodan Milosevic was a piece of shit cetnik.

by yoandro August 14, 2007

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