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group of radical/genocidal serbians that were responsible for the breakup of Yugoslavia and terrorising many of their fellow Yugoslav "neighbors." If it was not for them Yugoslavia would still be a country.
by yoandro August 14, 2007
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Cetniks formed after 1389. All the balkans was influenced by moslems, so Bosnia became moslem, but those that ddint give up formed cete in the mountains and are known as cetniks. They laregly appeared during the Second World War to protect Serbia. Their motto was and is"Freedom or Death" - "Sloboda ili Smrt" Also they fought for "For the king and fatherland" - "Za Kralja i otadjbinu." In this case it was HRH Peter II of the Karadjordjevic. Great fighters that wanted democratic methods for the Serbs. Wanted to attain Parlamentary Democratic Monarchy. When they failed and the Partizans - Communists took over, they experiated the Cetnik Serbs. Most cetnik now live in Canada, America, England, and Australia. To this day they have a established constitution, and follow Cetnik ethecs and beliefs which are very closely tied with the Serbian Orthodox Church. Cetniks are the REAL SERBS. My great grandfather was a commander under the Cetnik leader (DRAZA MIHALOVIC) who lead his division with other 16 000 Cetniks from Former YU (now Croatia) by walking, which was their only transportation, all the way to Italy. They were Great warriors who kissed every step of Serbia. I am lucky that he is still alive to tell me these untold tales about mytical Serbia that once exsisted and that could have existed.
When you are a Serbs, and love your country, and your royal Karadjordjevic family, and life for teh cross and follow its teachings, and protect Serbdom, then you know Cetnik blood flows throught you. Cetniks agress each other as Brother and Sister.
by Cetnik March 03, 2005
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a racist word describing a person from serbia!
Damir:Hey, Armin, look at all those cetniks destroying our village!

Armin:Damn cetnik, jeba cu im majku!

Damir:Dudeee, they just killed ur mom.

Armin:DUDE! let me play fifa!
by damir January 14, 2005
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