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1) FPS
Abbrieviation of First Person Shooter. Used by gamers.

2) FPS
Abbrieviation of Frames per Second. Used by animators and film makers.

Abbrievation of Feet per Second. Used by people measuring speed.
1) I went down to Game this afternoon, they got this great new FPS!

2)"How fast is that?"

3)Woah! That was going 100FPS!
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006

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1) .swf
Suffix added to the end of Shockwave Flash type files. Used by people making or watching this file type.

2) SWF
Abreviation of 'Single White Female'. Used by people interested in dating or women generally.
1) "What's it called again?"

2) "Woah, check out that SWF!"
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006

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A verbal expression of apathy, neutrality or indifference, equivalent to a shoulder shrug.
Originated from a Simpsons episode when Bart and Lisa used it to respond to a question from Homer.
Man: Hey, dude, it's an English final in the Champions League this year!
Dude: Meh.
Man: But, aren't you excited? I thought you loved football.
Dude: Meh.
Man: But Man U versus Chelsea!
Dude: God, man, what part of "meh" don't you understand?
by Yhtomit May 08, 2008

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Someone who really doesn't give a darn.
Ok, I haven't been listenning. I'm apathetic about the whole subject.
by Yhtomit December 10, 2006

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Casual way of saying 'hello'.
"Allo. How you doing?"
by Yhtomit December 17, 2006

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On a drug like heroine, cocaine, ecstacy. Usually shortened to high. Usually people high up will exagerate emotions, so a small liking, can become love, and a small disapproval, can become total hate/disgust.
A: "Ah, I wuv u!"
B: "Shove off, ur high up."
by Yhtomit December 10, 2006

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Art that is drawn or painted by hand, as opposed to electric art, which is done on the computer.
Guy 1 - Hey look at this drawing I just did.
Guy 2 - Wow, that's cool. You draw it by hand?
Guy 1 - Yep, acoustic art ftw!
by Yhtomit July 29, 2008

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