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When a male has to take a shit really badly. That shit begins to turtle-head and recesses back into the butthole, milking the prostate and creating an ensuing boner. That boner is a Dob Bole.

Thus, a Dob Bole is a boner caused from fecal matter milking the prostate.

Note: No outside sources of feces can contribute to the Dob Bole, only your own.
Brian: Oh my god, I have to take a huge shit.

Nate: Dude, you smell like youre prairie dogging. And why do you have a boner?

Brian: Don't worry, thats just my Dob Bole. It'll go away after I move my bowels.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008

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After giving someone a titty twister or purple nurple, the nipple on the receiver tends to stay in a "twisted" position, not forming back to the erect nipple that it was before the titty was twisted.

Thus, Twipples are twisted titties that stay in a twisted position for an undisclosed amount of time before returning back to their original state.
Brian: Hey Pun, I have a question for you.

Pun: Whats that?

Brian: How does it feel when I give you a "TITTY TWISTER!?!?!" (Grabs Puns nipples and pulls so hard that they bleed)


Brian: Oh my god dude, look at your tits!

Pun: Holy hell, they are still twisted. They look like ice-cream cones.

Brian: HAHAHA, you have Twipples!!!!
by Yes, Its Brian February 12, 2008

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Bag O' Dicks = Contains multiple meanings in certain contexts

A phrase demonstrating the "speaker" wants to issue more than just his penis for sucking to the receiver.

Worse than "Suck a Dick," "Bag o' Dicks" refers to sucking more than one.

This phrase can also refer to the way one looks in a negative fashion. He looks like a "Bag o' Dicks."

The sub-skill that one shows in sports: "He is playing like a Bag o' Dicks."

Bag o' Dicks can also stand in for key cuss-words such as bullshit, fuck, god damn it, and son of a bitch.
Brian: (Stubs his toe and yells) Bag o' Dicks!!!!

Brian: (Watching the Sixers play) Jesus, these guys are playing like a Bag o' Dicks.

Brian: Is that a Bag o' Dicks in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Brian: Whats wrong, you been sucking a Bag o' Dicks recently?

Brian: Bag O' Mothafuckin Dicks!
by Yes, Its Brian February 12, 2008

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When one shits soft stool into their underwear; only to sit down and it squirts out the sides of the leg holes making a "squish" noise.
Brian: What was that sound?

Nate: I just had splatterpacks on deck.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008

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Results from a Pap Smear displayed on an overhead-projector.
Brian: Dude, I just totally Cack Measted my patient and told her she couldn't have kids.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008

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When one is constipated and takes a laxative to help the two weeks of backlogged impacted feces. When the excretion begins, one would see diarreah remnants of many different foods, almost as if you had just done a load of a dirty dishes.
Brian: Oh shit, I'm gonna dishwater in my tighty-whities if I don't get some 2-ply and a toilet immediately.

Nate: hahaha, Dishwater.
by Yes, its Brian January 25, 2008

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When a male makes the mistake of trying to masturbate with icy-hot and ends up on the floor screaming like a little bitch from the pain.
Brian: I just teabagged icy-hot.

Nate: Why?

Brian: When I heard what a flaming leopold was, I just had to give it a shot....Now call me an ambulance or get me some peanut-butter and a rotweiler.
by Yes, Its Brian January 29, 2010

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