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Jacking old folks on the streets or in the board rooms.
Hoodlum: Hey Jack, pull out the wallet or I'll blast yo' old ass!
Old Guy: Look son, Bernie Madoff beat you to it...
Hoodlum: Damn...

Person #1: Did you hear about Jimmy pulling a Berine last night?

Person #2: So...did he pull a bernie?

Person #3: He tried to jack an old dude, but Bernie Madoff already jacked his ass!
by YatM July 24, 2009
Other people's Portfolios

It means pulling a Bernie Madoff. Jacking the elderly, infirm, widows, or just middle class America. Its when hedge funds and investment banks leverage at stratospheric levels of other people's portfolios in order to achieve above average market returns, but don't anticipate and insure for contingencies and black swans.
Wall Street Executive: Look, we need those bonuses so that our trophy blond shiksa wives won't leave us for the next richer asshole.

Wall Street Executuve #2: Okay, well gotta' use OPP and leverage the shit out of it.

both high five at the end and slap each others asses.
by YatM July 24, 2009
"Stackin'" refers to earning or acquiring and "Papiya" refers to money specifically.
Homey went to law school. Now he's stackin' papiya my dude!
by YatM July 17, 2015
Conservatives who's loyalty to America and democratic institutions are less than their loyalty to their ethnicity (in support of White nationalism) and political affiliation (ends-justify-the-means support of the Republican party).

For example, supporting or ignoring a foreign adversary's attack/intervention into the election process. Dismissing a free press and their duty to hold politicians accountable if it hurts short term conservative interests by asserting false accusations of fake news and by deflecting attention toward unfounded conspiracy theories.
The pseudo-patriot Trump supporter accuses Obama of bowing to the Saudis, but completely rationalize Trump's bow. He completely lacks any principles when confronted with facts about Trump's connections with Russia. He justifies Russia's manipulation of the American election system. But he wants to ban flag-burning.
by YatM June 7, 2017