5 definitions by YRNKelpy

Friend:"Have you played that new game the Momo Challenge?"
Me: "Yeah, that game rocks. Wanna play multiplayer after work?"
by YRNKelpy November 10, 2020
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The undisputed messiah to braindead conservatives(other than there made-up God)
Every Night, All The Conservatards pray to the Holy Donald Trump after their 12 Hour gay makeout session
by YRNKelpy December 14, 2020
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The goddamn goat. Anyone who says otherwise is a conservative snowflake. The man is more well spoken than Amy Schumer is unfunny, if I were gay I would totally make this man my senpai, and he's just an intelligent man. I'm not going to say his presidency was perfect, but it was damn near the closest. Obama is the goat.
Barack Obama: *Best president who ever existed*
Conservative Snowflake: Nah this man sucked balls bro *pulls up panties and kisses boyfriend*
by YRNKelpy November 12, 2020
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Not a very good rapper. And before y'all conservatards think I don't like him because of his lyrical content, It's not. In fact, in his earlier music I actually liked how he doesn't care how you feel. It kinda had a 1999 Eminem feel to it. But now it's at the point of it being annoying. Ignoring that, his flow is usually repetitive and boring, his song Corny being the worst of it. While he's not the worst rapper, he's among my top 35. But hey, he don't give a fuck how I think.
Thomas Macdonald is a pretty bland rapper, but it's alright if you like him. *proceeds to listen to Lil' Pump*
by YRNKelpy November 23, 2020
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