3 definitions by YEYE

The best, everything is what hes good at. No matter how hard you try, he is unbeatable. Most attractive person ever.

Hes only good at one thing. Being the best at everything
Oban sure is fantastic.
by YEYE March 13, 2012
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Your smile makes you pretty
Your body makes you sexy
Only your mind makes you beautiful
She/He got his stuff together, and confident not cocky, he beautiful!
by YEYE April 13, 2005
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remake of the "j crew" consisting of jtownie, melaberg, boosilver, and rcoop. lets just say their activities consist of singing twinkle twinkle little star at lunch, and bashing those who engage in illegal substances and hang out with those of the opposite sex.
UNIT member #1: "omggg what are we doing together this weekend?"
UNIT membery #2: "Def. making fun of people who go to parties and have fun!"
UNIT member #3: "hahahha 'let's pregame the dance' god...what losers!"
by YEYE February 14, 2005
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