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used by people who dont like to swear as a bad insult.. used instead of fuck off and sounds completly retarded, try to avoid using it. often sounds posh when ya use it
Tim: haha, your mums nose looks like a penis

Eddie: oh, crap off

Tim: hahaha, wotz that meant to mean? crap off hahahaha
by X~jimmy~X May 28, 2007

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where several men have sex at the same time, and do it in a chain
chainal sex sounds like anal sex, wait, it is, its just loads of it
by X~jimmy~X June 07, 2007

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a person who goes around stereotyping people simply to make them annoyed and pissed off
Bob: urgh, Ian is such a Stereotist, he just called me an emo

Fred: thats nothing, he just called me a chav
by X~jimmy~X May 26, 2007

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(said carr-re) sometimes used to describe someone who likes men
omg, you like men, your such a carry
by X~jimmy~X June 07, 2007

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