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An educational institution whose good intentions would be realized if not for its inherent inefficiency and lack of useful knowledge.
Are they shallow enough to believe that Jane Schaffer, world history, and conceptual physics will really affect my life?
by XeL March 10, 2005
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Biggest fuckin' cop-out.
Used when someone, usually a douchebag, doesn't want to be accountable for his actions.
Kid 1: *Punches Kid 2*
Kid 2: What the FUCK was that for?
Kid 1: Life's not fair.
by XeL March 10, 2007
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Despite religion and moral values, we have NO reason for considering ourselves above other animals.

Other animals participate in the global cycle, in which all resources are recycled and used again.

Humans can only unbalance this equilibrium and consume resources without replenishing them.
Humans are a burden to the planet.
by XeL March 10, 2005
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A lake in Russia.

1) Is the deepest lake in the world (5369 feet)
2) Is the oldest lake in the world (over 25 million years old, most lakes don't last over 10,000 years)
3) Is the largest body of freshwater in the world
4) Contains a fifth of the world's freshwater
5) Harbors over a thousand unique organisms that only live in Lake Baikal. A cool example is the freshwater Baikal Seal, which is found nowhere else

In short, it's a really, really cool lake.
Lake Baikal is known as "The Blue Eye of Siberia"
by XeL December 22, 2006
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Also known as Rafael Nadal, or "Rafa" from spain, the only current player (currently world #2) who can competitively play against Roger Federer, the current world number 1. One of the most enthusiastic players on tour, is famed for:
-putting 100% effort into every point and fighting every match to the death.
-winning two consecutive French Open titles, 2005 and 2006
-being Federer's nemesis: he is 6-2 lifetime against the Rog
-one of the only spanish tennis players to be able to play well on surfaces (hard court, grass) other than clay
-being polite
Go Nadal! Rafa is the best!
by XeL July 10, 2006
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Ruined by Refs.
Superbowl XL was ruined by the refs.
by XeL August 22, 2006
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