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The idea that any movie would be a lot better if at random times during the movie that a random person would run up and out of no where scream out "BITCHES!" in a high pitched voice.
"Say Hello to my lil friend!!"
random guy "BITCHES!"

-Bitches Law of Cinema
by XanderALX March 08, 2009

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When a guy is attempting to spit game and you interject in the conversation, and spit superior game, thus stealing the female for youself.

Making the other guy look like an Asshat.
Wow, Shawn just failed again. Tim totally just Cockblock Swoop and Snatched that girl.
by XanderALX March 11, 2009

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The ability for a person to drink large amounts of whiskey without really noticing the amount they drank.

Mike drank almost a handle of whiskey last night, he suffers from Smooth Whiskey-itus.
by XanderALX March 08, 2009

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Leaving a party early and without telling anybody.
WTF?! did Kyle just Sam Out?
What a pussy!
by XanderALX March 08, 2009

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Really amazing.
Bob1: Dude that monkey is juggling four tennis balls!
Bob2: Wow! Really? That's remazing!
by XanderALX October 29, 2007

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The act of being ostentatious while being awesome and overall owning at life.
Barney Stinson is one awesomtatious guy.
by XanderALX December 15, 2008

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1. The game where a desperate girl is constantly passed back and forth between different members of a Fraternity, a member must pass the girl to another member in less than 2 minutes otherwise he is stuck with her and declared the loser.

2. A slut who bounces back and forth between multiple Fraternity houses sleeping with as many members as she can.
Dude, do you see that girl? She looks like the perfect canidate, you down for a game of Frat Potato?
by XanderALX March 10, 2009

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