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A King or ruler or someone who is dominant over all.
The leader of the world was once known as Ayman
by WordMaster January 07, 2003

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Very well hung Indian man. Typically he gets all the ladies and is an all around bad ass.
We never score any girls at the club, because of those lyle's. If I start pumping weights and grow a massive ****, then I could be a Lyle.
by wordmaster April 22, 2004

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Grounded in mythology, fuckshitballs were the original magic words, and have been bastardized to become abracadabra. Don't ask how.
"Fuckshitballs! A bunny!"
by Wordmaster December 26, 2004

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extremely gay or liberal
Michael Moore's work is shizwakki
by wordmaster November 13, 2004

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Fairly common term used to describe the process of events that occur when two individuals meet, grow romantically involved and have sex.
Bob and Sheila got together for a date. They hit it off and went back to Sheila's place. One thing led to another and they ended up sleeping together.
by Wordmaster August 17, 2004

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One whom uses hax or aimbots to aid themselves in Unreal Tournament.

May also mean ghey.

John: Woah me Billy, you're on fire today!
Billy: You could say that John ;)
John: Hey wait... you're not pulling a suverus are you?
by WordMaster July 26, 2003

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