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one who likes to insert weird tracknames in tracklistings
02. Steve Hamster - Conclusion (Mesh Dub)
06. Roy Wood & Wizzard - 'I Wish it could be christmas everyday (dub)'
by j July 27, 2003
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1. An utter cock who consistantly annoys other users with contradictory and retarded comments about trance music.

2. One who has a fetish for the "^_^" smiley, and other ghey phrases, such as "don't stop the boogy" and "omfg kool".

3. One who insists on cutting tracks from liveset mp3's encoded at a bitrate such has 128kbps, then re-encoding them at a higher bitrate (e.g 256kps) then plastering his alias in the filename and distributing them across filesharing networks. May also become irritable if one is to share the same rip without his name in the filename.

4. One who feels the need to be like arturob and regularly scream "::OMG I DIE::". In extreme cases, he may also use ":::OMFG I DIE x 4:::"
Dave: RaVeRSurGe really does suck dick, Joey.
Joey: Amen to that Dave.
by WordMaster July 25, 2003
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