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A full grown man who only has the mindset and capacity of a baby
Wow Brian or Jeffery are adult men yet they have no skills at anything they cant even do a common feat like drive or wash clothes. A Manby tried to get a Date but he still lives with his Mom and cant Bring her home. What a beard on that Manby his mom washes it for him.
by Wolfs Hook April 19, 2015

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Someone with LMS generally under the height of 5'4" and is always angry . One who needs to be loud and insulting in order to get attention of others.
Did you see that driver with LMS little man syndrome coming? He ran over everything and got out started yelling at everybody then we noticed he was really short and wanted attention . He had LMS for sure .
Sean had Red Hair as well as LMS little man syndrome he was always angry and obnoxious
by Wolfs Hook April 23, 2016

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Equal to Milf . A Very Beautiful Mom . Smokin Hot Mother.
Did You See That women at the playground She was Femmominal. She is A Femmominal Milf . I would take her out She would Show Me A Femmominal Time of my life.
by Wolfs Hook August 02, 2016

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A breakfast dish made for dinner
Hunter wanted breakfast for dinner . We love brinner because we can eat our beeakfast for dinner. Ryder made brinner for lunch and dinner.
by Wolfs Hook May 06, 2015

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When a smaller dog runs and fucks a larger dog while both dogs are running. When smaller dog rides larger dog like a surfboard while fucking.
Milton was Ruckin Sienna like Schwinn while she was running across the lot
by Wolfs Hook November 23, 2013

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