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An idiomatic phrase referring to a newly found affection toward a person that could lead to true love.
She grew a love tumor just meeting him for the first time
by William Dexter April 15, 2010

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n. The obsessive study of Japanese animation, including the art styles, voice actors or seiyuus, staff artists, cosplaying, philosophies, manga and movie adaptations, origin, foreign influences, fan fiction, AMVs and anything that relates with Anime.
There sure's a lot of students who took the animeology class.
by William Dexter April 15, 2010

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A derogatory term and a portmanteau of Urban Dictionary and Dick.
Referring to a person who sincerely believes on every crappy word and its meaning from Urban Dictionary just as he or she does to Wikipedia. Usually uses Urban Dictionary(dot com) for word reference instead of other credible sites.
An urban dick zealously visits the said site to expand his or her vocabulary with degenerated forms of English.
Dude: You need child supervision, amirite?

Mod: STFU Urban Dick
by William Dexter June 13, 2010

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n. 1.A commonly formed organism, especially a person characterized of wearing a pair of glasses and is always expected to perform better in academic institutions than anyone else.

2. May literally refer to a creature possessing 4 eyes.
The quadclops aced all the tests again.
by William Dexter April 16, 2010

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