Commonly abbreviated MLM, it's a form of selling a product whereby one person recruits other salespeople, who recruits other salespeople, ad nausea and after each sale, everybody above the salesman gets a small piece of commission. To make money in one (98%+ of people don't), one should place much more emphasis on recruiting than sales. Amway is probably the most well-known MLM.

Many MLMs have "optional" national meetings, motivational books and tapes, and other various expenses. The cost of these comes out of pocket of the individual. As a general rule, if you can be one of the first people to join a successful MLM, you'll make a lot of money, especially if you can sell all of this crap to your downline. However, if you're not in this lucky 1-2%, you'll honestly be lucky to break even in your expenses.

There is some technical difference between a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, and an MLM, which is legal. However, nobody but the high-priced lawyers which keep MLMs in business and stealing the money of its starry-eyed employees seem to know what this difference is.
There are too many Multi-Level Marketing organizations to count. After one is shut down by bankruptcy or the government, two new ones sprout from the ground.
by iLikeSoup March 12, 2011
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The full version of the more commonly used abbreviation, MLM.
MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing.
by Downstrike June 5, 2004
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A Form of Legalized Pyramid Scheme, Commonly called "A Fucking Scam".
Hey Hun You Wanna Buy Some Grape sod-Wine I Mean Wine, It's Wine. Only $60000 to Buy a Pack of two and Join my Multi-level Marketing Company?.
by Kas, BLM March 23, 2021
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Person 1: I got offered a position at an multi level marketing company, should I take it?
Person 2: Probably not. MLMs are scams. You'll most likely overwork yourself with a minimum wage salary.
by RandoBitch April 12, 2023
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some chick named brexleigh or something: Want to join my multi-level marketing company?!?! It’s only 6 million dollars (and your soul) and then you can be a girlboss like me!

Person 2: that sounds like a pyramid scheme
by hajiler October 1, 2023
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