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A sad man/boyfriend/fiancé that gets cheated on by his wife and doesn’t leave her. Whether it’s a fear of being Alone or the man just gets pleasure out of watching his wife have sex with others.

These men often have a small penis and have a huge ego.
Onision is such a cuck
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by Whyidontdate June 12, 2018

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A person that I have to share a bathroom with. She’s also a girl?
Joe: Ugh man my sister is so hot.
Dan: •_•
by Whyidontdate April 20, 2018

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A “song” made by the cash me outside girl (Danielle Bregoli) which sounds like someone barfing during a hangover.
Hi bich
by Whyidontdate April 20, 2018

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When someone says something that reminds you of something that is currently making you sad, and you reply “I don’t want to talk about it” but most of the times they reply with “can you please tell me?”
This often leads to people just saying “I’m fine” instead of expressing their true feelings.
Person 1: I heard you broke up with zack. I also heard that they shut down the chipotle near your house. And your dog died. Are you okay?
Person 2: I don’t want to talk about it.
Person 1: please tell me?!
Person 2: wtf.
by Whyidontdate May 21, 2018

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An evil task for children given by their heartless teachers.
They spend 6-8 hours at school doing work and when they go home and get to relax, their teachers makes them do more work. It’s like taxes but for kids and doesn’t do any good when you do it. I mean if it’s a prodject it would kinda be useful but still.
Dude, I couldn’t finish my homework last night and now mr. Dick is going to kill me!
by Whyidontdate November 10, 2017

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