A piece of shit that this generation of brain washed sheep idolize
Stupid brain washed person: "I want to be like Danielle Bregoli , Cash me outside teehee look at me I'm so funny I said the phrase!"

Me: you need to be sterilized
by Poopee fingers August 7, 2018
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Some bitch that got famous and put on Dr. Phil for having problems (stealing her mom's car and credit cards). Then she said "Catch me outside, how about that" but with her accent it sounded like "Cash me outside, howbow dah." She dropped out of 7th grade and can barely read.
Who let that bitch Danielle Bregoli get famous? WHO DID THAT IMMA BITCH SLAP THAT MOTHAFUCKER
by CrazyAsianHacker March 13, 2017
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Some bitch that thinks she's cool because she was on Dr. Phil and got some lucky fame.
Girl #1: OMG. Have you heard about that cash me ousside girl. She's like so cool. Ever since Danielle Bregoli been on Dr. Phil, I want to be on Dr. Phil too!

Girl #2: You do know there's a reason she was on Dr. Phil.... Bitch has problems....
by Fuck Stupid Bitches And Hoes February 23, 2017
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a young girl famous of off hitting her mother and stealing cars. she is extremely obnoxious, rude, and disrespectful. most of her Instagram pictures have her cleavage spilling out of her shirt. her fan base is full off brain washed teenagers who think she is funny, and old men to jack off to her practically topless pictures. she makes fun of people for a living and tries very hard to be funny. (she's not) she also starts drama with every relevant person possible, and thinks she is the shit. danielle also thinks she can fight.
person 1: "did you hear about that girl, Danielle Bregoli?"
person 2: "oh yeah, isn't she the one that released a sex tape to stay relevant?"
by jakepaulsucksdick August 3, 2017
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A hoe who is somehow a "social media influencer" who is famous for being uneducated, annoying and causing drama. She decided to make music and it's the shittiest thing ever. Also known as the "Cash me outside" girl from Dr.Phil.
Have you heard Danielle Bregoli's new song?

No way! She sucks. I would never listen to her music.
by Yayeet October 7, 2017
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Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie is a little autistic spoiled thot born in 2003. She has appearance like 25 years old slut. She is obnoxious, annoying, retarded and disrespectful just like the rest of the Gen Z trashes. Her music is literal trash and she just got famous by pure luck with the retarded meme "Cash me ousside. How Bow Dah". Her fanbase is the same brainwashed immature twats who appreciates mainstream trash music.

In a world rife with famine, disease, war and aids, this bitch is still the worst. She represents everything a person should never aspire to be. Her entitled attitude and blatant disregard for human decency should be enough to make your piss boil.
Why is this chick Danielle Bregoli is even famous? Much like the rest of her public persona, her music is dogshit. She sings just like she speaks: like she constantly has a dick in her mouth.
by 4nt1n0rm13 November 17, 2019
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Idk how the fuck to spell her name, I don't give a shit. Danielle, a little shit who got famous my yelling at her mum on doctor phil. She made that dumbass meme 'Catch me outside, how bout dah?' Now she 'raps' like she owns the whole damn world. A.k.a some bitch with some burnt spaghetti lookin ass hair
Look at that bitch, acting like a danielle bregoli with her moldy ramen noodle lookin hair
by Bhutthole March 3, 2018
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