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The art of using fictional characters (i.e. Cinderella, Leia, Shrek) as code names for girls one is sexually attracted to.
Cameron: Do you still want to screw Meryl?
Jonathan: Dude, she could overhear us! Use Ang Slang.
Cameron: Sorry, do you want to have anal with 'Snow White'?
Meryl *overhears*: What the Hell is wrong with you?
by WheezyLegere September 08, 2016

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A straight man pretending hard to make everyone think he is gay.

Named after Walter Box, the famed track star that pretended to be dating Sam Smith while secretly having an affair with a woman.
Walter: Let's go suck dicks!
Sam: Walter, I don't think you're gay. I think you're "in the box".
Walter: I... um, I like boobs
Sam: I knew it
by WheezyLegere September 07, 2016

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When a man performs a Newton's Cradle with a pair of breast. He sticks his head inbetween and lets them hit his cheeks
Zach: how was that lame Barmitzvah.
Derek: it wasn't lame, Lassie let me perform Newton's Cradle Cups.

Zach: she's like a D Cup!
Derek: I know, I got a concussion
by WheezyLegere October 30, 2015

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When you roll a condom over the top of your head like a swim cap, and shove your head deep into a woman's vagina.
Pablo: hey, Phil. Did you and Linda have a good anniversary?
Phil: yeah, I gave her a swim cap penetration.
Pablo: wow, that's like a reverse childbirth!

Phil: bitch is pissing like a waterfall now.
by WheezyLegere October 30, 2015

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An awkward child who comes from a fucked up family. This kid probably turn to prostitution later on in life.
KID 1: Hey there is a party at Rees's house
KID 2: Don't go there, that kid is awkward and comes from a fucked up family and will probably turn to prostitution
by WheezyLegere April 09, 2015

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