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Someone who is both a Harry Potter fan and a pothead. We may talk about Harry Potter often when stoned, and party relentlessly when new books or movies are released. We get high before watching the Harry films in a theater and probably sneak some liquor in as well.
Harry Pothead 1: Hey where we gonna stop for vodka? Half-Blood Prince starts at 4.

Harry Pothead 2: Let's stop at State Street's liquor center it's on the way.

Harry Pothead 1: Rockin'! Then we can smoke a joint in Veteran's Park, still have time to pig out at the city mission, and even smoke one more joint on Hamilton along the way! Hey what kind of vodka you want?

Harry Pothead 2: Potter's! What could fit this epic day better?

Harry Pothead 1: Far out! That's the spirit..I am so hopin' we score some doses of acid at the mission
by West Empire Anarcho November 05, 2009
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1: Bird known to feed on the dead, dying, and wounded
2: Police helicopter. Based on merciless appearances taunting people already in custody, even for petty offenses, a flawed policy. Makes diversion sacrifices possible for a big hit.
Can you believe Babylon sent vultures for a homeless drunk in public citation? Helped us pull a kick-ass drive by in a fully loaded charter bus across town. We were blastin' out of every single window loc!
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005
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To trip on LSD. During a psychedelic trip dark places, like the sky at night, are good background for hallucinations. On a trip, you see more than just stars and clouds.
"Drop 200 mics and light up the sky!"
by West Empire Anarcho January 04, 2006
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1: Losistics, Cultivation, Protection, and Distribution
2: Fictional police force in the game GTA3. Liberty City Police Department.
1: My pops told me to get a job. He'll be in for a surprise, I got with LCPD
2: Dude, if you can't shake the LCPD in Hepburn Heights, visit the Pay N Spray down from Luigi's.
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005
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In, Smash, Out. A hit and run done with para-professional technique. Takes the advantage of surprise, and the life of every intended target. At this level of precision no bystanders or civilians take damage.
Person 1: These cats want to fight, but I saw a blade on the quiet fool and a pistol butt protruding from Swaying Swan's waistband.
Person 2: Fuck it lets roll out. We can catch their loaded asses slipping and ISO 'em by the weekend.
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005
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