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Something Asians made for fat people to make them think they're losing weight.
Rhonda: I was on my Wii Fit all morning I feel so skinny.
Dave: Oh sweet I'm going to get one.
Rhonda: You can you use mine, I need to go to the buffet anyway to eat something to burn off.
by Werdoop December 27, 2008

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On Fridays you wear a shirt which you bought at a thrift store like Value Village and wear it every Friday without washing it until it is unwearable in which case you buy another.
Justin: That shirt looks terrible it must be Dirt Shirt Friday.

Nick: Nah man his family is just poor.
by Werdoop November 15, 2008

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The act of calling someone while your phone is pressed up against your junk while in your pocket or lap.
I looked down at my lap and realized I had junk dialled Meagan, next time I'm not keeping my phone next to my junk.
by Werdoop October 10, 2010

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Short for any name that starts with D-Vowel-R.
Derd #1: Hey Derd, How's It Going?

Derd #2: Not much Derd, How bout you?
by Werdoop March 23, 2008

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