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australia is a great country with a diverse culture. good friendly people, good at almost every sport and one of the highest standards of living. nothing like america where they dont even have a proper health system.
australia spends thier money on important things like; education, health and employment where as america spends most of thier money on the military.

america is not such a great counrty.
by Weepin August 19, 2005
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Serbs are European people who speak a Slavic language related to other Slavic languages such as Russian, Polish, Czech, and Bulgarian. The Serbs have lived in the Balkans since the 6th century AD. They moved in from the north and east of Europe as part of a huge wave of resettlement known as the "migration of the peoples," which occurred during and after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This wave of settlers also included other Slavs that miagrated later on, who would eventually become the Croats, Bosnians, and Bulgarians. Each of these groups formed their own medieval kingdoms at different times.
Milos Obilic, one of the greatest Serbian Hero's who ever lived
by Weepin August 08, 2005
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The name "Serb" is ancient. It is non-Slavic in origin and more likely than not original Serbs were overlords of the Slavs. Tha name 'Serb' designates not only the population in the Balkan peninsula but of Lusatia as well. Lusatia, a region in Eastern Germany is inhabited by a nation the Germans call the Wends from which the Greeks derived the word Venedi. The name "Serb" is ibero-caucasian in origin. In comes from the word "Ser" meaning "man", with the "bi" added to make the plural form. The Serbs were part of the Caucasian Race much like the Georgians, Mingrelians, Lezghians, Ingush, and spoke a language simmilar to these peoples. At some point in the history of the Serbs, this Old Serb language stood side by side with the Slavic language in White Serbia (Porphyrogenitus) and likely even in the first 300 years leading up to the formation of the Serb state on the Balkans in the 9th century. Even to this day, the Serb language has at least a third as many words in its vocabulary than other Slavic languages. This is because of the influence of Old Serb and Illyrian as well as Turkish on the Slavic language spoken by Serbs today.
here is an examples of the Old Serb words which exist side by side with Slavic words in the modern Serb language.

A word of Slavic origin in modern Serbian:HLEB
A word of Old Serb origin in modern Serbian:PITA
English translation:a bread – a loaf
by Weepin August 08, 2005
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Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is a terrorist organization, created by the USA and Germany, trained by U.S. and British covert forces, installed in power in Kosovo as a proxy force for NATO
the above definition is a good enough example
by Weepin August 08, 2005
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a wussy country that got its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 because they cant fight their own wars and only won because country's that have small dicks(US) helped them out.
All of Yugoslavia should be owned by the rightful owners, the Caucasian Dinaric race (Serbs)
by Weepin August 07, 2005
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