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Music that doesn't make music to get on the charts, but rather according to the charts (statistics) to appeal to a larger audience and become a mindless earworm. These songs have no long-lasting value or quality to them, usually fading away once they've made their record company enough money.
That song was so generic, it was nothing but chart music.
by Weegeeman August 01, 2021
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A form of spite filled masturbation used to calm a person down, especially after failed coitus or when ones lasagna is eaten by a ghost
She didn't perform well and came within the minute, so I did a spicy jerk to calm myself down.
by Weegeeman August 24, 2020
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A person who is extremely obese by stuffing his/her face way too often.
1. "That guy is such a fat ass"
2. "Who is that fat ass?"
3."Who was the fat ass who wrote this shitty ass definition?"
by Weegeeman September 21, 2016
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