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1) A way of life in which rather than let someone bitch you around, you hug anyone who stands in your way to death. Not letting anyone fuck with you, using an action of compassion for pain; that is the truest meaning of living the HugLife.
2) "<3* H U G L I F E *<3 nigga!"-John Ly
Man you fucking with me? Better watch out for this crew nigga, we livin the HugLife!
by Webster's Dictionary February 02, 2004
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is urban awareness commonly amongst fixed-gear cyclists. themed to taking care of friends, not drinking and riding bike, not wearing headphones late at night, having a front and backlight, and obeying the laws of riding in traffic.
hey man you're going to get home safe tonight right?! hug life.
by davidafterlife August 24, 2009
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