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Aka The Good Shit. Usually no higher than 40%, but will kick your ass. Usually tastes like pepper. Avoid drinking Margaritaville, which tastes the worst when drunk straight and get a Sauza, which has the same percentage and tastes like nothing.
Damn that tequila kicked my ass.
by Wasabimoto August 28, 2009
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Geeks and nerds are smart people who like to play RPGs all day long. Geeks are polytheistic. Their gods include Stan Lee, George Lucas, and the guys who created Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and other people who have created shit about space and superheros.
1. Hey, that geek sure does love to play World of Warcraft.

2. Geeks would suck Obi-wan's balls if they had the chance.
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
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An O Party is a group of people who have had sex with really large objects until they have stretched the anus/twat into a huge O shape. They then gather around in a circle, still exposing their stretched holes, around a group of men. The men then ejaculate into each stretched hole. Other things may be used to pour into stretched holes, like syrup or oil.
It caught me by suprise that the party I attended to last week was actually an O party!
by Wasabimoto December 14, 2007
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Any girl who looks like an ugly-ass fucking witch.
Also a crazy bitch.
Guy 1: Damn, did you see that witch bitch at the party?

Guy 2: Nobody would ever tap that ass.
by Wasabimoto July 29, 2008
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A boring-ass place where all you do is listen to some robed asswipe yap about some bullshit from the bible. You also get to sing gay gospel songs. It usually lasts 2 hours, but some churches can go up to 4-7 hours.
Kid: Man, my mom just made me go to church. it sucked ass.

Friend: Man that's gay. There goes two hours of your life wasted.

Kid: Two? Try five.

Friend: Fuuuuuuucccck..................
by Wasabimoto April 28, 2007
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A short, human-like creature. Apperantley, they are the gods of geeks everywhere. One is particular, is named Frodo. A hobbit who goes on a gaytastic quest to destroy a finger ring given to him by his molesting unvle, Gandalf. The ring lets you lurn invisible, which should have been used to spy on some dark-age sluts. Back to hobbits. hobbits have really hairy feet, often ridiculed on magazines such as MAD and the now dead CRACKED!
Geek: "What the hell? Why is Frodo's best friend, who is a hobbit, licking Frodo's feet? Oh no, I got the porno insted of the actual movie! I think I'll just watch a little longer....."
by Wasabimoto March 26, 2007
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Some yellow sponge with eyeballs and a nasally voicebox. He has a pink starfish, a squid, and a squirrel that wears a spacesuit and has a fish bowl on it's head to breathe carbon dioxide over and over and doesn't die from it. He like to do fruity-tooty dances sometimes when he's with his retarded starfish lover. Steals free baloons. Lives in a pineapple. Goes to a driver's class with a teacher that is a blowfish but looks like a pepperoni pizza.
Spongebob's breath smelled like bullshit, causing mold to grow on the theatre he's in, eventually to the point where the theatre completely caves in.
by Wasabimoto March 25, 2007
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