a phrase that can be used during paranormal experiences caused by an external or internal phenomena, phrase will be used in order to express extreme enjoyment of what had occurred. Ideal for those who live in the moment and are thinking of creating a new catch phrase craze. Instead of requesting a high five, pat on the back, or just plain old recognition. One would point and say, "Hey light a match to this." Only on special occasions could one physically light a match while saying this, after saying this, or silently, just lighting a match.
When Phil, Andrew, Matt, and Alex were driving home from Purdue, they were so excited to have survived the crazed driving that instead of kissing the sweet ground, he said, hey light a match to that.

Alex beat Phil so badly in Mario Kart that instead of saying in your face, he looked and said, "Hey light a match to this."
by Phil Persha February 9, 2008
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When a girl is giving a blow job to two guys at the same time and the two dicks rub against each other. Rubbing the heads together similar to two matches
Yo she looks like she's lit a few matches in her time. How about you me and my boy meet up later and you light a match.
by miamihouse cat November 20, 2012
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(Verb): To hang out with friends; chill in' out, maxin', relaxin'.
Bored today, someone hit me up so we can light some matches.

Call the cell if anyone wants to light a match tonight.
by Johnny Appl3s33d July 27, 2014
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The song you play as you light the match and walk away from a world you're destroying...as you walk away the world you once knew is bursting into flames behind you, typically in Slow-Mo and only the weak look back.

("light the match" ) is an original term created by Melissa Lewis ™ all rights reserved.)
and i quote... (Venice Venture) by Big Wild is my "light the match" song.
by mroselewis December 7, 2019
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